Significance of Mother’s Day

When we speak of mothers, we are talking about an entity perhaps far greater than God itself. Mothers are the most reverend of humans who make us what we are, help us visualize things in a broader way and, above all, understand us like no one else can!

It is but to thank them that we celebrate Mother’s Day. With cakes, cards, chocolates, flowers, photo-framed memories and even jewellery, we try to thank our mothers for the innumerable sacrifices they did, sleeping very little at nights, being by our bedside when we were sick, giving us their best at all times and for instilling in us the belief that we are capable of achieving whatever we want. “Thank you” seems like a very small word in front of Mothers who not just help us dream, but help us realize them step by step. Life wouldn’t be so beautiful if it was without our angels, our mothers!

For a man, or even a father, it is not possible to understand the feeling of carrying a part of your own life in your womb. Motherhood begins there and continues until the death of the mother. That is a period longer than any person’s job. However, so selfless is a mother that she asks for nothing in return. Our happiness, contentment and success are what she relishes as her rewards.

Every woman in the world likes to be a mother. The feeling of giving birth is nothing less than heavenly. For to-be-mothers, the world revolves around that tiny bump which carries their hopes, aspirations and wishes for the future.

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Every day should be Mother’s Day. Lets make sure we tell our moms and the mothers of our children how special they are to us. If you are a dad, it is our job to lead by example and show them how important Mother’s Day is. Start from the very moment she wakes up to the the good night kiss.

What I wanted to do today is take a look at Mother’s Day. Ask anyone what the most important day of the year is to them and you will get answers ranging from their birthday to Christmas to Election Day. How many will say Mother’s Day? Unfortunately, I would guess very few. For some reason Mother’s Day gets overlooked or down played a bit. Yes, there are commercials all over reminding you to send flowers or buy mom candy… but where is the real sentiment? It is so much more than a gift, or saying Happy Mother’s day, it is about truly letting our moms and wives know how much they are appreciated and cared for.

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